menu2go features
that can be used out-of-the box


Creating restaurant menu in mobile application

The whole restaurant menu can be installed in menu2go mobile application. Each meal can be ordered in different variants (e.g. meal size, meal set) with different options and additions. Menu can be grouped in categories, that’s why a client can easily select the category of interest e.g. pizza, vegetarian food, drinks. Each of menu items can be described individually.

If there are new meals introduced or changes applied to the restaurant menu one can adapt menu2go menu easily in web Administration Panel. All changes applied in Administration Panel are conveyed to clients’ mobile applications installed on mobile devices automatically.

Customizing mobile application feel & look.

Restaurant manager has a control how its restaurant menu looks like at the clients mobile device – even they can change colours, graphics, logos, and other brand style guide at any time with ease via Administration Panel. Thanks that restaurant can synchronize its branded application to new promotional materials – new folders, websites or marketing banners.

Management of single restaurant or restaurant chains

menu2go application supports restaurant chains – a client has an option to pick up one restaurant from the restaurant chain and order from selected one.

Restaurant opening hours

One can submit an order only in predefined opening hours and days through menu2go application. Managers can change the opening hours and days through Administration Panel easily, taking into account holidays. A client will be informed that they cannot submit an offer online at that day or that time of a day.

Order cost calculation

A client adds menu items of interest to the order basket. After each addition the total cost of order is updated taking into account promotional discounts as well as a client can see the cost of each item in the basket. Nevertheless the person accepting order can verify and correct the price of the total order if required.

Handling promotions

A restaurant manager can define promotions in Administration Panel at each single restaurant and this information is displayed in menu2go application. Each promotion can have a marketing graphical banner associated with. A restaurant manager can decide and define what is to be promoted to clients each day or even an hour.

Actual promotions are deducted from the item prices in the basket.

Automatic delivery cost calculation

A restaurant manager can define delivery areas on the map and set different delivery costs for each of the area. Based on delivery address set in order by a client, the cost of delivery is automatically calculated based on assigned area cost. Restaurant operator can adjust this cost as appropriate.

menu2go application checks whether the delivery address is in delivery area of the restaurant.

Orders on specific time and take away

A client can choose an option to have a meal prepared on specific time and whether the order will be collected from the restaurant.

Application named as restaurant brand

menu2go application can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store at the restaurants brand and logo.

Administration Panel

To handle manu2go orders in restaurants we provide restaurant personnel with special application in which orders can be viewed, verified, accepted and processed e.g. setting delivery time.

Administration Panel can be accessed as a tablet or web application. To access Administration Panel online access to Internet is required.

Determining the payment method and mobile payment

While ordering a client can choose one of the payment methods: cash or credit/debit card at the order collection or mobile payment via application before the order is submitted. When mobile payment is selected, application processes a mobile payment

Information on status order

A client is kept informed about the status of the order. They receive notifications e.g. when the order is accepted, when is handed out for delivery.

Social media feedback

A client can publish feedback in social media.