menu2go advantages

Stand out from the crowd by branding your own mobile application

Thanks to menu2go your restaurant or restaurant chain can stand out from the crowd with innovative on-line ordering mobile application. It will attract attention both existing and new customers. What’s more – application is named with your restaurant brand, customised according to your brand style guide (e.g. logo, colours, graphics). You will get fresh and effective marketing tool which will promote offer of your restaurant!

A client has always your actual restaurant menu at hand

Help your customers to search for your restaurant menu when they are getting hungry – provide them with an actual offer on smartphone at hand. And most importantly there is only one offer – just YOUR VERY OWN RESTAURANT! This way you will increase clients’ loyalty as the most preferable and convenient provider.

Be active to engage clients, update them on the latest dishes, promotions, events.

menu2go gives you comfortable communication platform with your clients. You can inform them on the latest dishes and promotions immediately. Each change in menu, each new dish added is an incentive to engage a customer – send them a notification via mobile application. Also save you time and money on waiting for new printed menus. Thanks to menu2go you will be ahead of your competitors – you can react on your clients expectations!

Take care of great user experience

Mobile application of your restaurant or restaurant chain will enhance user experience of you customers – intuitive ordering and fostering relationship. Each person, who uses application for the very first time, knows what to do in no time. No instructions no training just smartphone and tasty food. Keep customer informed what is going on with their order and how much money they should pay.